Return policy for all dresses sold (sales made in Beloeil IN STORE, all *draft* orders confirmed outside the store through our website, and all web orders):

All stock dresses or special orders are final sales from the time you place the order in store/ the time payment is completed. Sample dresses sales (which you can leave with immediately) are final upon purchase. No exchange or refund possible.

*We are not responsible for any damage caused to clothing due to washing, alteration or any other modification to its original condition. We recommend that you deal with professionals and can provide you with references upon request.

* We are not responsible for weight loss or gain or pregnancy following the purchase of your dress.

*We are not responsible for bridesmaid dress colors which may differ from designer to designer. Ask about color match options BEFORE purchasing if you wish to have the exact same color in different style of dresses.

* Unfortunately, we cannot take back/ refund the purchase of a dress following a canceled or postponed event.

* We ask that you contact us no later than 10 days after receiving your order for any problems (defects, questions, validations, etc.). After 10 days, we will consider that you are fully satisfied with your purchase.

These policies are put in place in order to continue to offer you the best possible prices and to remain competitive in a very competitive market.

We thank you for your understanding.

For any questions: 450-341-1247 or