Finally! Your dress is in your hands ! Here are some main points to make the most of your first fitting:

1) Make sure you try on the dress in a clean, pet-free, smoke-free area. Try on the dress without makeup or perfume and with the help of someone: it is completely normal that you will have a hard time closing the dress if you try it on alone.

2) If you were wearing shapewear at your fitting, make sure you wear it when trying your dress on. If not, we recommend skin-colored seamless high-waisted panties. Don't forget to take off your bra!

3) Once the dress is on, lift your chest to place it in the cushions built-in the dress, before closing the zipper.

4) ALL dresses need alterations. It's completely normal for the dress to need alterations. Don't panic if the dress seems tighter than our in-store sample: these are tried on every day and may seem looser or less tight. Contact a seamstress quickly (if you haven't already done so!) to make an appointment: she will be your best ally. She will steam the dress to make the necessary alterations. It is therefore normal that the dress is wrinkled, since it was delivered to you in a box, in a format that minimizes shipping costs for you and for us.

5) To preserve your dress until the big day, leave it hanging in your closet, away from light, in a smoke-free home. A garment bag or the delivery box are also good ways to preserve it.

Have a good fitting, and above all, have fun at your event!

The Espace Blanc de Blancs Team

For any questions, please contact in writing or by text message to 450-341-1247. Please attach photos explaining the situation so that we can assist you remotely as quickly as possible!

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