Where are we located?

Our store is on the south shore of Montreal, in Beloeil. Our address is 218 boul. Sir-Wilfrid-Laurier, Beloeil (Quebec), J3G 4G7. We are 30-45 minutes from Montreal, 50 minutes from Laval and 2 hours from Quebec City (Exit 105 or 109 of Highway 20).

How long does an appointment last?

On average, around 60 to 75 minutes for the bride and 45 to 75 minutes for prom or bridesmaids dresses.

Is there a fee to come try on dresses?

We offer 3 types of appointments:

The Blanc de Blancs appointment for the bride whose budget is $1500 to $4500. This appointment is $50, that can be applied towards a wedding dress purchase made during the appointment exclusively.

The 1000$ or less wedding dress selection, or prom dress or mother's, evening dress or menswear appointments: $10/person trying on,  that can be applied towards a purchase made during the appointment exclusively (10$/ dress or suit purchased).

Fees must be paid before the appointment using the invoice sent by email before the appointment. These fees guarantee your attendance at the appointment.

What sizes do you stock in store?

Usually, we hold at least two sizes per style to allow all women/men to try them on. We adjust the dress on you with clips to help you visualize the “fit” once the dress is your size. The size range for most styles is from XS to 5XL or from 0 to 32.

What is the delivery time for the dresses?

The delivery time varies depending on the style chosen: you will wait between 5 and 24 weeks. Most bridesmaid dresses arrive in less than 4 months and wedding dresses take between 8 and 30 weeks to arrive. Find out more in the product sheet or by contacting us at boutique@espaceblancdeblancs.com and we will be happy to guide you.

Do you have a size chart for online/in-store orders?

We have put the size charts for the bridesmaids and evening models directly with each model. For online orders , we can easily guide you to order the right size remotely, in order to check the size chart and avoid disappointment. Simply send us your measurements and a full-length photo of yourself by email to boutique@espaceblancdeblancs.com, with the wanted style and we will help you choose the appropriate size. For in-store orders , we usually have you try on the chosen size from the same designr to confirm the size choice.

How can we receive our order?

For online orders, the dresses are sent by mail (Canada Post) and the costs will be added directly to your invoice ($14.99 to $45 depending on the value and size of the dress purchased).

For orders placed in store, we offer delivery across Canada. Prices for bridesmaid dresses are $15 for individual delivery (one dress to one address). Wedding dresses are also delivered by Canada Post for $45 or directly to one of our affiliated seamstresses.

How does a fitting take place at your place?

A stylist is present with each group. She will ask you about your tastes and special requests and will present you with options that meet your requests and your budget. The advisors know the inventory and will present the models that will highlight you, trust them!

What are your prices?

The majority of our bridesmaid designs are around $220, but can go up to $450 in certain collections offering more choices of sizes or colors.

Wedding dresses vary between $1500 and $4500 in the Blanc de Blancs section.

Mother of the bride dresses range from $200 to $1098.

All our prices exclude taxes and are non-negotiable – we automatically offer the lowest possible price! We do not have sales, except for a sample sale, which takes place once in a while, at a random time.

Do you have more choice in store than online?

Yes! The website presents an overview of the collections available in store. New features are added to the website gradually. Follow us on social media to stay up to date with our latest news!

Do you have a seamstress on site?

We work in partnership with several seamstresses. We will be happy to refer you to them following the purchase of your dress. Be aware that all evening, bridesmaid and bridal dresses usually require alterations. Making an appointment ass early as your dress is bought is essential to have your dress altered in time for your event!

What are your exchange, returns and refunds policies?

You will find our policies here: https://espaceblancdeblancs.com/pages/histoires-echanges

Do all bridesmaid dresses come in all colors?

Each style usually comes in a choice of 4 to 30 colors, depending on the designer. Colors are available in the product sheets.

Are the colors guaranteed to be the same from one dress to the next for bridal parties?

Each designer offers its own shades. So, there may be a color variation if you combine several dresses, from different designers, or even sometimes from the same designer, if the dresses are not in the same fabric, or ordered all at the same time.

If you wish to combine different styles or fabrics and want to be certain of the color, please contact us at boutique@espaceblancdeblancs.com before finalizing your purchase.

Do we need to make an appointment? What are your opening hours?

Yes! Our boutique is open by appointment only. We do not have fixed opening hours since our schedule varies depending on each day's appointments. Appointments are mandatory!

  Do you have any tips for a successful fitting?

  • If you want to try on bridesmaid dresses, we advise you to come with all your squad together. If you have a bridal party of 4 bridesmaids, please come all 4!

  • We recommend a skin-shade, seamless underwear.

  • There is no need to bring a special bra since the dresses have built-in support.

  • You don't need to bring shoes since the dresses are very long, even with high heels on. This is why we recommend making an appointment with a seamstress who will alter the length of your dress.

  • For Blanc de Blanc bridal fittings, we limit the number of attendants to 3 people in order to facilitate the bride's decision and limit divergent opinions. For bridesmaids groups, we limit to 1 guest (usually the bride!) to ensure the space available is pleasant for everyone.

    All our advice is available right here !

If you have any questions, we will be happy to answer them! Write to us at boutique@espaceblancdeblancs.com!

See you soon!