15 commandments for worry-free wedding dress fittings!

15 commandements pour un essayage de robes de mariée sans soucis!
That's it! This is the big day! You are trying on wedding dresses! Here are some tips to maximize your fitting session:

1) Wear makeup and do your hair to look good, but don't use too much to avoid damaging your dresses! Wedding dresses are more often than not, pale in color and therefore easily soiled. Light makeup will do the trick!

2) Set a budget and (try) to stick to it. Don't forget the budget for accessories, shoes, alterations, etc. Start with the least expensive dresses – if you find one of these, you'll save time and money (= more wine budget!)

3) Start shopping at least 8 to 12 months before the wedding to be sure the dress arrives on time! Are you last minute? No problem, we can always accommodate brides who have less time to find their favorite dress!

4) Make an appointment...and try to avoid weekends? We operate by appointment only in order to offer a more personalized service. If possible, avoid Saturdays since it is the busiest day.

5) Do your research:
  • come up with a few ideas in mind – what fabrics do you like? What shape – a princess dress, a fitted dress, a backless dress, sleeves?

6) Buy a dress that fits... now... Not when you've lost those 10 pounds you've been struggling with. A dress is much easier to make smaller than to make it bigger! AND NEVER LOOK AT THE SIZE! The bridal is made VERY small, you will almost certainly size between 2 and 5 sizes larger than your normal clothes, and that's the same for everyone.

7) Bring:
  • the accessories you absolutely want to wear! Your mom's veil, your grandmother's pair of earrings, a pair of neon green shoes, bring them!
  • photos of dresses you like
  • photos of your ceremony and reception site
  • photos of your decor

8) Choose your guides carefully and explain your expectations to them. Too much is like not enough! Too many opinions, too many comments, too many contrary opinions. Do you want them to take pictures? Let them put them on Facebook? Whether they give their opinion quickly or in detail?

9) Say your opinion before listening to that of others. If you love the dress, this is a great place to start. Whether your 2nd cousin finds it too short or not white enough, is it really a deal-breaker if you are in love with the dress? Maybe yes, maybe no!

10) Trust your advisor: she should know the models, those that will suit you well, those that fit your budget, those that look better on a woman than on a hanger!

11) Wear pale underwear, bring a strapless bra. Don't like your stomach or thighs? Why not bring your favorite sheath? High-waisted panties or a bodysuit can completely change the look of a dress. Think about it!

12) Move, move, walk, sit with the dress. We have to be comfortable with our movements: our wedding day often lasts more than 10 hours!

13) Put the dress “in context”: are you getting married outside, in the fall? If so, spagetthi straps and a backless is a perfect option… indoors! Think of something to cover yourself when traveling and for your photos!

14) Don't put too much pressure on yourself and enjoy the present moment: a wedding dress fitting is a unique and extraordinary moment! It’s something you experience once (or twice or three…!) and it deserves to be celebrated! Dare to step out of your comfort zone, who knows, the dress that will make you fall in love may be the opposite of what you imagined!

15) When you say YES to the dress, stop shopping: there will always be a prettier one on the Internet (thanks Pinterest!). But at what cost?

One thought on “15 commandments for worry-free wedding dress fittings!

  1. avatar Élisabeth Provost-Bazinet says:

    Je suis déjà allée à votre boutique pour le mariage d’une amie. J’ai vraiment aimé vos robes et l’expérience. Je dois me marier en septembre 2021 et je ne suis présentement pas enceinte, mais je souhaite le devenir. Je voulais savoir quand me conseilllez-vous de venir essayer des robes? Délai minimum? Gestion de possible grossesse?

    Merci beaucoup

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