A quick guide to writing personalized wedding vows

Petit guide pour écrire des voeux de mariage personnalisés

When I go to a wedding, my favorite part is pretty much always the vows. Not pre-made wishes, to be recited, dictated by the celebrant. No! Vows written by the spouses, with lots of love, and ideally a few tears? I know, I'm asking a lot (right, gentlemen?)!

So I thought of a few ideas to make this oh-so-important task perhaps easier to accomplish. Because we're going to tell ourselves: the blank page syndrome has never gone away since our 2nd year of primary school!

First of all, talk about it between lovers. Ideally, both partners should write their wishes, otherwise it is disappointing for one of them to have a text written by someone else read to them. Your celebrant (if he is a professional celebrant, not your best friend…) may be able to provide you with some ideas or examples. Guys, PLEASE don't copy the example literally!

Close your eyes. What do you see when you think of your partner? Remember your first meeting, the “feels” you felt, the “vibe” that settled between you. What's cute about your +1, why he/she makes you fall for them.

For me, the “best” wishes are those written with sincerity, without TOO much thought. A little humor is always fun. A nod to faults or household chores or the time he forgot to pick up the little one from daycare!

Tell us about your good memories, significant moments, a memorable trip, an incredible dinner at a restaurant, your favorite film... Anything to share with those attending your wedding a snippet of what makes your magical daily life.

Usually there is a part of promises. Please, if you “gain” children during the marriage (like your girlfriend/boyfriend has children and they become your stepchildren), it is always a great moment to include them either in the vows or another way.

The wishes will be heard by your guests, but are really meant to be meant for your lover. Go “all in” with love and sincerity. It's quite possibly the most important love letter you'll ever write.

And you, what are your best tips for writing moving, funny or endearing wedding wishes?

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